It is often tried to weigh security against freedom. However, we demand better security, especially for women, in our city without restricting our freedoms!


Cooperation instead of Law and Order!

Instead of establishing more jobs in the Gemeindevollzugsdienst that only harms the social climate in our city by harassing homeless people and street artists we demand that more social and street workers are funded. Moreover, we are against an increase in video surveillance in Freiburg and if it must be established we want a clear label!


Ensuring Safety for Women!

Domestic violence is the highest danger for women in Germany. Every third day a woman is killed by her (ex-)partner. Crimes against women in the public sphere happen way less but they are highly publicised. We want to raise the attention for domestic violence by funding a poster campaign and financing shelters! Moreover, we want a cheaper Frauennachtstaxi and create more awareness in local clubs by strengthening the “Ist Luisa da?” campaign.