It is clear that we need to reduce our carbon emissions in order to follow the demands of the young generations. The area of mobility has special importance! However, this is an ecological and a social question. On the long term we want a free public transport system. However, on the short term we want a stronger public transportation that is affordable. Moreover, we want more P&R spaces that encourage people to more around the city without their own vehicle


Let us become the most bicycle friendly city in Germany!

We want that Freiburg becomes the most bicycle friendly city in Germany. We already established new infrastructure for bikes but there is still much left to do. This means that we need bicycle highways, broader bicycle lanes and more bicycle stands. Moreover, the city should support advertisement for job bikes and rental bikes. Other measures are a car-free Sunday and yearly car-free days on certain streets. This creates the space for street festivals so that pedestrians and cyclists can conquer the streets!


Longer tram schedules!

On the weekdays, the tram only drives until 0:30 am. This is unacceptable for such a big and young city as Freiburg. Therefore, we want an extension of the tram schedule during the week. Thereby, the night life in Freiburg becomes more attractive. This would be similar to Tübingen where the public transportation is even for free on Saturdays.


Discovering Europe with the Semester Ticket!

The Freiburg University is part of the European Campus. We want to strengthen this development by making our partner universities more easily accessible! This means that we want to integrate the connections to Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Basel and Karlsruhe in the Semester Ticket. Moreover, we want a Semester Ticket that covers all Baden-Württemberg on the long term.


Creating better Sozialtickets!

We want more affordable Sozialtickets to ensure their accessibility and that everyone receives the support they need.


Electrifying the city’s transport fleet!

We want that the transport within the city has zero emissions by 2030! Therefore, we need electric busses and busses based on hydrogen! The same goes for the companies that belong to the city.


Supporting E-mobility!

To make cars with an electric engine more attractive, we want more public charging stations and special parking spaces for these cars.


More Carsharing!

We want to further develop carsharing in Freiburg since this saves emissions and space within the city. One carsharing car can replace up to six other cars! This space could be used for broader bicycle lines and other infrastructure.


Connecting the vicinity to the public transportation network!

Within Freiburg many people use public transportation or their bike. However, most of the 60,000 commuters come to Freiburg by car. To change that, we need to connect the vicinity better to the public transportation network and improve the timing of this transportation. Another possibility would be to raise parking fees since this encourages commuters to use public transportation. Overall, the costs for public transportation should be below the costs for using a car!