Freiburg is a young, modern and green city. It is necessary that Freiburg calls out, similar to Basel, a climate emergency. Moreover, we need to become emission free long before 2050 to prevent the climate catastrophe. Due to the university of Freiburg, we have high numbers of persons moving to the city. Therefore, the creation of the new quarter Dietenbach is an essential step in guaranteeing an adequate living situation for everyone in Freiburg.


Solar Panels in Freiburg!

We need to get more solar panels in Freiburg. We can achieve this by establishing that every new building must have solar panels on the roof! Only with such decentralised energy projects, we will be able to achieve our climate goals.


Façade Greenery!

By fighting for greener buildings in Freiburg, we ensure that the city becomes cooler in the coming hot summers and that more pollution is extracted from the air. Moreover, stronger biodiversity is guaranteed.


Greening Streets!

We want that streets in Freiburg become greener to guarantee a higher biodiversity within the city. We don’t want that the grass within Freiburg is mowed at the same time to ensure a life cycle for these grass spaces.


Funding for Urban Gardening!

More and more people in Freiburg aim at consuming regionally grown food. This can be done by Urban Gardening which gives people the opportunity in Freiburg who do not have their own garden, to grow their own food. Moreover, we want to encourage school gardens to create sensibility for regionally grown products.


Creating more recreational activities!

In order to guarantee that there is a substantive amount of recreational activities for young people in Freiburg, we aim at several concrete projects. First, we want that there is a new ice rink which follows high energetic standards. Second, we want the funding for the renovation of the Freiburg Westbad so that it can be reopened again! Moreover, new sports grounds have to be created in Freiburg to ensure that there is enough space for youth activities!


Renaturation of the Dreisam!

The renaturation of the Dreisam along the SC stadium represents one of the most beautiful spots in all Freiburg. We want to further fund such renaturation projects to ensure a healthy ecosystem and higher flood protections.


Allowing new construction forms & Creating a flat exchange platform!

Freiburg will lack more than 15 000 apartments by 2030. To ensure that all living space in Freiburg is used to its highest efficiency we want to create a platform where people can exchange their flats. Therefore, we ensure that students and young families have better access to affordable housing.
Due to the rapid population growth in Freiburg, it is necessary to become more creative to allow affordable housing close to the city. Therefore, we are receptive towards new ideas and forms of construction such as „Tiny Houses“ and we want to fund such projects.


Digitalising Freiburg!

A digital city is essential for creating a modern city that is ready for the challenges of the future. Therefore, we demand an online service for all Freiburg residents. Furthermore, the schools in Freiburg need to become more up to date concerning the digital age. This goes for the equipment but also for the teachers!


Public Wi-Fi!

We want a public Wi-Fi across the whole city!


Cradle to Cradle!

We want to fund projects that follow a cradle to cradle philosophy. Such a philosophy ensures that all resources are used in a sustainable way and that they are recycled where it is possible.


More Public Fountains!

By building more public fountains we prevent the unnecessary use of plastic bottles. Thereby, we ensure that everybody has access to clean water without being forced to consume anything!


Allow self-reliant constructions for young people!

We want to follow the ideas of Heidelberg where a group of students build their own apartments. This can be established as a project in Dietenbach.