Freiburg is a city with a high quality of living concerning the night life. These structures are often covered by voluntary work and must not be restricted by repressive measures by the city administration. Especially in our night life we see that clubs are dying and that there is a necessity for the city to act in accordance with its competencies to support the local night life and cultural activities.


More Cultural Activities!

We need more clubs in Freiburg, to ensure that there is cultural diversity! We need the right infrastructure for such an endeavour. This means that clubs should move into facilities provided by the city. Therefore, Dietenbach needs to be created as an urban quarter that consists of bars and clubs.


Opening Pop-up-Clubs!

If there is a short-term vacancy within buildings in Freiburg, we want the city to use these buildings to make the night life more attractive. Clubs can introduce creative concepts in the short term and give new impulses to the night life in Freiburg. This needs support by the city, especially by strengthening the FWTM.


Establishing a Night Mayor!

Many European cities already have a night mayor that mediates between residents and bar and club owners. Thereby, conflicts are prevented, and new ideas can be developed. We want this for Freiburg as well with a budget for this position.


Abolishing Curfew!

In Freiburg, there is a general curfew, meaning that all clubs, bars and restaurants have to close at 3 am on a weekday and at 5 am on the weekend. On the weekends, the curfew ends at 6 am, creating only one hour of effective curfew. We want to abolish this as it restricts a free development of Freiburg’s night life.


Establishing Outdoor-Galleries!

We want to bring more art to Freiburg’s streets by giving young artists the chance to present their work to the public. Moreover, we demand yearly ‘action days’ where schools can become artistic and their art can be exhibited within the scope of a festival.


Creating a house for musicians!

We support the demand for a house for musicians where artists can rehearse and get equipment. This also allows artists to network among each other, making the scene in Freiburg even more creative.


Establishing a Booking-Fund!

We support the idea of a booking-fund which gives clubs money to afford acts that come from outside of Freiburg.