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Who is eligible to vote in the municipal elections and how does the voting system work?

All EU citizens older than 16 years that have been registered in Freiburg for more than three months are eligible to vote in the municipal elections! This means that if you are registered in Freiburg you should also receive the official “Wahlbenachrichtigung” before the election!
The municipal election system is quite complicated. Since the Freiburg city council has 48 seats, every voter has 48 votes. You can use these 48 votes by either voting for one list (and thereby everyone on that list) or by focusing on single persons. This means that you can give one candidate up to three votes and then cumulate these votes up to 48. This means that you could give, in theory, 16 candidates of all different lists three votes. Or you can give up 16 different candidates on one list 3 votes. You can also only give one candidate two votes and another three and another one. The most important aspect is that you reach 48 votes in the end! Otherwise your ballot does not count and is invalid! This is also why you will receive the ballot one week before the actual date, so that you have the time to consider which candidate to give your votes to and to count again and again that your ballot won’t be invalid!

Young Greens Election Manifesto Municipal Elections Freiburg 2019

We as the Young Greens want to get engaged in the municipal elections with our candidates and this manifesto: We want to do this for you and for ecological and social politics in the Freiburg City Council!

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The Munucipal Election Manifesto for download:

Young Greens Manifesto Municipal Elections 2019